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The ValueGame is a method to measure the value that your product or service is delivering to your most important stakeholder: your customer!
ValueGame enables you to rank and rate customer preferences.
This is an easy to use, practical tool to get more information about how people make choices and what is the perceived value of your offer.

Use only 4 steps



Create virtual cards (Value Cards) of products that are relevant to your stakeholders



Upload and sent your game by email or weblink to the stakeholders



The stakeholders will rank the cards according to their preferences




You receive a raport about how the stakeholders value your offering



Is more than a traditional satisfaction survey because it gives a clear picture of the degree of importance assigned by customers to a product or service. Through this Method, companies and organizations can measure the value of their offer in the minds of their target groups.

Focus Group

There are two ways of playing the Valuegame: in focusgroups of by using the online tool. Focusgroups are group discussions with your beneficiaries, to understand their preferences. Through discussion and sharing experiences, people can rank and rate these preferences. Focusgroups are often used to prepare the online Valuegame, but can be used as a Valuegame tool itself for smaller amounts of beneficiaries and in specific situations, where participants cannot use the online tool.

The Value Game Online

The online webtool is used for larger groups of participants, or when these people live far apart. It is an easy to use tool, that will take only few minutes from participants’ time and can be used by using the pointer of the computer.

Value Cards

…are the heart of any ValueGame: the better, more specific and clear your cards (pictures), the better the game-results. Pictures are a better communication tool than words. Words can mean different thing to different people; images are clear and unambiguous. Preparing the cards is the crucial but also fun part of the ValueGame!

Value Game Results

Both focusgroups and using the online tool will give you a lot of information about the value perception of your main stakeholders: the beneficiaries. These results can be monetized, or used in a more relative way by comparing different options. You will be able to rank and rate customer value.

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