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The best way to learn more about the ValueGame is by visiting our workshops and trainings. They are available in-company, or with open subscription. If prefered, we can also do webinars.
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A focus group is a group discussion with 8-10 participants, from the target group to be surveyed (customers, employees, clients, etc.). The interview lasts approximately one hour, during which the preferences and underlying motives of the participants are investigated.

Focus groups are used in the ValueGame in two ways:


  • For smaller numbers of respondents
  • In preparation for the online version


When the number of respondents is relatively low, it is best to work with focus groups. Because with focus groups you not only gain insight into the value perception and preferences of the participants, but also into the motives behind these preferences.

If the time is limited, the respondents are geographically dispersed, or if there are large numbers of respondents, the online method is better suited. In preparation for creating an online game, it is always wise to first hold one or more focus groups with a representative sample of the total target group, to ensure that the cards used in the game and the intended effects are are actually relevant to the participants…

Value Cards

The most crucial part of a good ValueGame are good cards: the ValueCards.

Below you will find a search program, with which you can find images per category or search term, which have often been used in earlier ValueGames. You can easily save the images on your computer, print them out on maps and add a description to them yourself, or use them in the online tool. The images already have the correct format (250×250 pixels), so that they can be pasted into the tool without difficulty.

In addition, there is an option in the online tool to print the cards in the special ValueGame format. You can add the desired texts yourself.

The cards in this database are for use or for inspiration. Of course you can always create your own cards yourself

Points of attention during the selection:
Make sure the cards are relevant to your specific target group!

Ensure sufficient variation.
Avoid cards that evoke associations with money.

Value Results


This database is still under development. We will present results of previously performed ValueGames on the basis of a standard format, so that ultimately a comprehensive overview of social effects and their value is created. For the standard format click here (link to pdf). For more information and contributions to this database please contact: info@valuegame.org

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